Hundreds of millions of people globally suffer from atopic dermatitis. This common skin condition leads to significant reduction in the quality of life of patients and their families alike.

Watgen Medical is a medtech company that has developed a series of innovative medical devices which processes, sterilizes and hydrogenizes tap water into an effective treatment for a number of medical conditions. Watgen Medical is currently developing the technology for wound care and atopic dermatitis (eczema), conditions that affect hundreds of millions of patients worldwide and represent markets with a current annual turnover of billions of USD.

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It’s amazing how technology can change the healthcare field. I underwent treatment at a clinic that uses water technology, and the results exceeded my expectations. Very impressed with how water innovation can positively impact my health. Thanks for the innovative approach!

Jorje Smith

I have always been interested in new treatments, and encountering water technologies in healthcare was a real eye-opener. The procedures were comfortable, and I felt that they really had an effect on my body. This is a promising direction, and I am glad that I experienced it myself.

Anna Freidman

Thanks to water technology, I was able to cope with a chronic illness. The treatment was not only effective, but also safe. I especially appreciate the professionalism of the staff and the individual approach. This opens up new horizons for the future of healthcare.

Stellar Alba

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